Next Shift

Resource Scheduling Application

Easily manage employee scheduling and equipment allocation. Enlist supervisors to collaborate from anywhere.
Generate sophisticated reports. Save a lot of time.

Schedule quickly

Schedule employees and allocate equipment with drag and drop gestures. Access one-time employee shift overrides with one tap to modify role and start/end times.

Save Time

Create new schedules easily by working off existing ones. Copy a single shift, one day's schedule or an entire week.

Leave Remarks

Facilitate private communication with supervisors by adding notes to shifts and allocations.


Navigate between day/week views. Exclude unavailable resources, filter by type, flag overtime shifts, and more.

Access anywhere

Responsive layout adapts to available screen size enabling use from any device with leading web browsers.

Easy to use

Highly legible typography, pronounced colour coding, intuitive controls and consistent patterns create an easy to navigate UI.

Optimized printing

Condensed information layout for printing makes maximal use of page real estate.

Custom PDF output

Select from common page dimensions or specify a custom layout; no need to fiddle with printer settings anymore.


Make it your own by specifying defaults for such things as start/end times of shifts, overtime thresholds, work days, standard and overtime payroll rates, etc.

Auditing features

Includes functionality built for back-office to approve employee shifts and analyze shift records.
e.g. actual vs. scheduled shift start/end times.

Generate reports

Packed with a suite of standard reports that calculate employee payroll, tally expenditures and other metrics.

*Custom report generators can be implemented at client's request.

Flexible scheduling

Organizations with diverse workforce needs use Next Shift.

Construction workersRetail employeesShipping and warehouse staff
Newsroom and media reportersGeneral laborers

Next Shift is available in English & French

Contact us if you have specific needs, we may be able to adapt the application to fit your usage.

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